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SJPC Posts Increased Cargo Activity For 2015

At the January 26, 2016 SJPC Board of Directors meeting, the agency reported its marine terminals achieved another year of cargo growth in 2015 with tonnage increasing by 12% over 2014 to 2,525,562 short tons. This is the third consecutive year of achieving double digit percent growth at the marine terminals in Camden and Salem.

“We had another good year of growth reflecting both a trend of cargo growth and confidence in the regional and global economies,” said Kevin Castagnola, chief executive officer and executive director of the SJPC.

Overall breakbulk cargoes, consisting of steel, calcium chloride, cocoa beans, fruit and wood products, combined for 1,093,003 s/tons, finishing virtual even with 2014.

Steel imports tonnage lead all cargoes with 832,153 s/tons. This result is SJPC’s 2nd largest steel tonnage total, trailing only 8% behind 2014’s mark of 900,000 tons. The consistence throughput of steel imports reflects a growing reliance on the SJPC’s marine terminals by shippers of steel from Europe to the American industrial heartland.

The terminals handled 47,867 s/tons of super sacks containing 50 lbs. bags of calcium chloride; besting 2014 by 60%. This consumer ready product is at great demand when the Mid-Atlantic winters produce snow and ice. Import fruit returned to Broadway Terminal’s Pier 5 during November and December, with five ship calls carrying 9,990.00 s/tons. Although a modest result, the new activity to Pier 5 is a welcome result. Import wood products improved by 48% over 2014, reaching 160,255 s/tons. Import cocoa beans finished the year with 41,344 tons; off from 2014 by -37%.

Dry bulk cargoes collectively reached 1,432,545 s/tons in 2015; improving by 24% over 2014. Export recycled metals, through Camden Iron & Metal, handled 525,221 s/tons; a 1% improvement over the previous year. Essroc’s import cement and export Gramcem® each finished -4% off of 2014 with 355,184 s/tons and 105,162 s/tons respectively. Other bulks, including road salt, sand, Urea, Pumice and Gypsum filled out the remainder of the activity.

During 2015, the SJPC’s marine terminals handled 206 ships compared to 157 in 2014. The number of ship days (i.e. the number of days a ship is loading or unloading at its terminals) increased from 543 to 462; an 82% increase.

SJPC 2015 Port Activity Release