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South Jersey Port Corporation
101 Joseph A, Balzano Boulevard
P.O. Box 129 (08101)
Camden, New Jersey 08103
Tel: 856-757-4969
Fax: 856-757-4903

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Executive / Administration

Castagnola, Kevin
Executive Director & CEO
P: 856-757-4927
C: 609-685-2268

Jones, Jay
Deputy Executive Director / FSO / Board Secretary
P: 856-757-4939
C: 609-685-2914

DAmico, Victoria
Executive Administrative Assistant
P: 856-757-4900

Terminal Operations

Miller, Doug
Terminal Superintendent
C: 609-685-2240

Aaron, Dan
Operations Supervisor
C: 609-685-2272

Johnson, Tom
Senior. Mark. Mgr./Operations Asst.
P: 856-757-4926
C: 609-685-2242

Kelley, Bill
Operations Supervisor
C: 609-685-2952

Luedtke, Ed
Operations Supervisor
C: 609-685-4952

Sewekow, Richard
Operations Supervisor
C: 609-685-4514

Purcell, Robert
Operations Supervisor
C: 609-685-4146


Cellucci, Bruno
Treasurer & CFO
P: 856-757-4917
C: 609-929-8360

Gentile, John
Accounting Manager
P: 856-757-4911

Glanz, Oanh
Accounts Receivable Coordinator
P: 856-757-4916

Trump, Harry
Accounts Payable Coordinator
P: 856-757-4971


Boyle, Patrick
Personnel Administrator
P: 856-757-4928

Hoffman, Karol
Payroll Administrator
P: 856-757-4991


Efelis, Athina
Senior Assistant Billing Manager
P: 856-757-4922

Nguyen, Lien
Billing Coordinator
P: 856-757-4905


McBride, Rosemarie
Senior Purchasing Agent
P: 856-757-4950


Bell, Steve
Assistant Warehosue Manager
P: 856-757-4965
C: 856-524-8390

Haley, Patrick
Assistant Logistics Manager
P: 856-757-4938
C: 856-524-8938

Bessing, Robert
Receiving & Delivery Clerk
P: 856-757-4977

Capaldi, Nicholas
Logistics Clerk
P: 856-757-4973

Gallagher, Ray
Data Entry Clerk
P: 856-757-4902

Hope, Rose
Assistant Warehouse Clerk
P: 856-757-4994

Korte, Len
Warehouse Clerk
P: 856-757-4929

Mobile Equipment - Maintenance

Buffetta, Dave
Mobile Equipment Foreman
P: 856-757-4974, (75)
C: 609-685-2273

Bak, Robert
Fleet Maintenance Clerk
P: 856-757-4974, (75)
C: 609-685-2172

Facilities - Maintenance

Colavita, Anthony
Senior Mgr. of Maintenance of Facilities
P: 856-757-4906
C: 609-685-2244

Siegfried, Carl
Facility Maintenance Foreman
C: 609-685-2239


Englehardt, George
Facilities Engineer
P: 856-757-4944
C: 609-685-2984


McGoldrick, Dave
Crane Maintenance Foreman
C: 609-685-2243

Czajka, Wieslaw
Chief Crane Operator
P: 856-757-4994
C: 609-685-4546


Jones, Jay
Facility Security Officer
P: 856-757-4939
C: 609-685-2914

O'Leary, Chuck
Security Manager
C: 609-685-4893

Greenjack, Kevin
Security Captain
C: 609-685-2271

Balzano Terminal Security Booth
P: 856-757-4978
C: 609-685-1740

Broadway Terminal Security Booth
P: 856-757-4956
C: 609-685-1991