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Wednesday, May 23, 2018 @ 3:00 p.m. EST. SJPC-GLC52318
Notice is hereby given that sealed proposals will be received, opened and read aloud in public at the South Jersey Port Corporation, Balzano Terminal, “A” Building, 101 Joseph Balzano Boulevard, Camden, New Jersey 08l03 on Wednesday, May 23, 2018, 3:00 PM Local Time.

Qualifications and Proposals for the following professional services will be accepted:

•    General Legal Counsel
•    Labor Counsel
•    Maritime Counsel
•    Marketing Consultant
•    Bond Counsel
•    Financial Advisor
•    General and Health Insurance Broker

Each submission to be considered shall comport to the criteria set forth in the qualification/proposal packets. The qualification/proposal packets may be obtained from SJPC at or, upon written request to: South Jersey Port Corporation, Attention: Jay Jones, Deputy Executive Director, South Jersey Port Corporation, 101 Joseph A. Balzano Boulevard (formerly Beckett Street), Camden, NJ 08103 or by calling 856-757-4969. [sc:bidFormPopup formID=”1714″ id=”BidDownload_SJPC-GLC52318″ bidname=”General Counsel”]

[sc:bidFormPopup formID=”1715″ id=”BidDownload_SJPC-LC52318″ bidname=”Labor Counsel”] [sc:bidFormPopup formID=”1716″ id=”BidDownload_SJPC-MC52318″ bidname=”Maritime Counsel”] [sc:bidFormPopup formID=”1717″ id=”BidDownload_SJPC-MKT52318″ bidname=”Marketing Consultant”] [sc:bidFormPopup formID=”1719″ id=”BidDownload_SJPC-BC52318″ bidname=”Bond Counsel”] [sc:bidFormPopup formID=”1718″ id=”BidDownload_SJPC-FA52318″ bidname=”Financial Advisor”]

[sc:bidFormPopup formID=”1720″ id=”BidDownload_SJPC-GHIB52318″ bidname=”General and Health Insurance Broker”]


Jones, Jay
Facility Security Officer
P: 856-757-4939
C: 609-685-2914

O’Leary, Chuck
Security Manager
C: 609-685-4893

Greenjack, Kevin
Security Captain
C: 609-685-2271

Balzano Terminal Security Booth
P: 856-757-4978
C: 609-685-1740

Broadway Terminal Security Booth
P: 856-757-4956
C: 609-685-1991


McGoldrick, Dave
Crane Maintenance Foreman
C: 609-685-2243

Czajka, Wieslaw
Chief Crane Operator
P: 856-757-4994
C: 609-685-4546


Haley, Patrick
Warehouse and Logistics Manager
P: 856-757-4938
C: 856-524-8938

Hope, Rose
Assistant Warehouse and Logistics Manager
P: 856-757-4994

Vindick, Michael
Receiving & Delivery Clerk
P: 856-757-4977

Capaldi, Nicholas
Logistics Clerk
P: 856-757-4973

Korte, Len
Data Entry Clerk
P: 856-757-4902

Jack, Angela
Warehouse Clerk
P: 856-757-4994

Franchi, Adam
Warehouse Clerk
P: 856-757-4929

Schreyer, Gary
Warehouse Clerk
P: 856-757-4967


Efelis, Athina
Senior Assistant Billing Manager
P: 856-757-4922

Nguyen, Lien
Billing Coordinator
P: 856-757-4905